Dan Davison's Classroom

Director of Studies


I focus on helping students with: 

  • python, django, software design and data modeling, SQL, git, UNIX, shell scripting, javascript, C

  • statistics

  • population genetics and evolutionary biology

About Me

I'm a software engineer, with 7 years industry experience. I work mostly on backend applications and infrastructure, but also do some statistical modeling. Before that, I was a researcher in human population genetics, working on genome-wide association studies and inference of population structure. I did my PhD at the University of Chicago, on computational statistical methodologies for inference from DNA sequence data. My original interest was evolutionary biology (in the early years of my PhD, I did field work on birds in Amazonian Brazil!).

I like being out in the wild, birdwatching in remote places, and learning about new areas of software engineering, computer science, mathematics and physics.



Oakland, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Software Engineering

  • Statistics

  • Population genetics and evolutionary biology

Personal Website: