EDeeU Education for Venture Capitalists

If you are a venture capitalist, you are probably inundated with pitches from a wide variety of companies working in machine learning, blockchain, and industrial biotechnology.

At EDeeU Education we offer a package that combines deep expertise in all three of these areas. Unlike with a consulting relationship, our Directors of Studies will work with you continuously over time so that you can keep up to date with the cutting edge of technology.

Machine Learning

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Dr. Tyler Neylon

Ph.D. in Machine Learning (2006), New York University

Chief Executive Officer, Unbox Research


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Dr. Clemens Ley

Ph.D. in Computer Science (2011), University of Oxford

Chief Executive Officer, BitcoinToken


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Dr. Tony Day

Ph.D. in Biotechnology (1990), Imperial College, London

Operating Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners