How EDeeU Education works

At EDeeU Education, we follow three key principles:

You can learn anything from books borrowed from your local library and free or low-cost online resources. However people who try learning independently frequently find themselves not knowing which resources to choose. It's also hard to stay motivated, and when you get stuck it can be hard to make progress without support. Finally, independent learners need a way to show the world what they've learned. 

At EDeeU Education we solve all these problems by allowing you to find a Director of Studies whose job it is to guide you through your chosen field using free and low-cost resources. Their job is to help you choose the right books and online resources, give you feedback on your work and help you when you get stuck. Our Directors of Studies come from both academia and industry and have backgrounds in all subjects and disciplines. 

In addition to helping you find your Director of Studies, we also hold regular seminars, office hours and community events. That way you can be part of an academically minded intellectual community, which is an important part of developing your overall education beyond the detailed program you work on with your Director of Studies.

Featured Directors of Studies

How you get Credit for your Learning

There is no better way for you to show what you're capable of than by showing your work to the world directly. For that reason we assign no grades and instead help you build the best possible portfolio of work. This process not only reduces stress and anxiety due to being over-tested and over-graded, but it also gives you the space to think deeply about what you are learning and explore questions that don't have quick or simple answers. 

To support our portfolio-based approach, we built, a portfolio-based transcript for you to showcase your work. It's free to use for everyone. For an example of what kind of portfolio you can build with EDeeU Education, see

What Students are saying

"A huge boost to my learning."

"The one-on-one sessions are fantastic."

"It never occurred to me previously that I'd have the opportunity to have personal help from someone with this level of expertise"