Jacob Howard's Classroom

Director of Studies


I traditionally employ a multi-faceted approach to my subjects including videos, online resources, personalized assignments/projects, and good ol' fashioned textbooks.

While there are many good sources of information, direction, and application opportunities, the most effective approach is to utilize the best and most relevant parts to achieve your learning goals.

About me

I am, and will encourage you to be, a lifelong learner. There is no greater journey in life than the pursuit of knowledge and no greater investment you can make than in yourself.

To that end, I am always trying to learn and master new things, from guitar to gardening to python to baking to snowboarding, my favorite thing in life is growing, learning, and challenging myself to improve.

When working with me I will endeavor to give you the same inspirations, to help you see past "the grind" and envision the beauty of enhancing your world view and abilities. 

Learning should be life's greatest pleasure and my primary mission is to help you feel the same way.



Berkeley, California



Berkeley, California

Primary Subjects:

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • Data Analysis


  • BA in Chemistry

  • 10 years in Education

  • Experience with learning disabilities