Become a Director of STudies

To become a Director of Studies with EDeeU Education, the first step is to create a Director of Studies page. That will enable students to apply to work with you.

To get started, take a look at an example of a Director of Studies page, and fill out the following form. 

Name *
Phone number *
Phone number
Please give a list of the subjects you can direct, separated by commas.
City, State
Please give an address which you would like us to place your map location. This should not be your home address.
These will be listed on the left hand side of your page. (Optional)
Please share the url of an image that captures the subject area you will be directing.
Please share the url of a photo of you for the side of your page. Dropbox and google drive allow you to share links to photos.
This is where you get to give a summary of what kinds of subjects areas you can help students with. Note that this is not a "self-summary", but instead should give a taste of what sort of materials you use to support students. See for an example of what sort of information you should share as a summary.
This should be a short bio. Try not carry on at great length, just a brief background about what you've done will suffice.
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