Jonathan Mitchell's Classroom

Director of Studies


I help students with a wide variety of technologies. A non-complete list is: 

  • Computer Vision: Human, Facial, Hand, and object recognition using Caffe Tensorflow, Python

  • Self-Driving Cars: Vehicle and road perception using openCV, Keras, and Tensorflow, Python, Pandas

  • Web Development: Front end with ReactJS, AngularJS

  • Back-end: NodeJS, MongoSB, MySQL, PostgreSQL Languages: C, C++, Python, Javascript

About Me

I am a Computer Vision engineer working in Los Angeles CA. I am a former EE grad from UC Davis and a former Hack Reactor graduate (HRLA9). I have extensive experience building full stack web applications and cutting edge computer vision technology.





Los Angeles, California

Primary Subjects:

  • Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning

  • Full Stack Web Development

  • Backend development with NodeJS

  • Frontend development with ReactJS and AngularJS


  • C

  • C++

  • Javascript

  • Python

Personal Website:


  • Computer Vision Engineer @SuperMediaFuture

  • Software Engineer / Full Stack @Astra

  • Automation Engineer @Genentech Ablation

  • Intern @inSightec