Jonathan Weisberg's Classroom

Director of Studies


I teach chemistry, physics, and mathematics with a special focus on physical chemistry. Physical chemistry is a way of studying molecules where we apply the physics of quantum mechanics to study individual molecules and then statistical mechanics to study groups of them such as gases, liquids, etc.

There are many great resources for learning these fields. If you are enrolled in a class your class resources will be useful but don't be afraid to branch out. For an introduction to chemistry I recommend Peter Siska's University Chemistry. For quantum mechanics I recommend Intro to Quantum Mechanics by David Griffiths. There are many many suitable graduate level texts but I find this to be the best undergraduate level textbook on the subject. For those looking to specifically understand chemistry at the physics level I recommend McQuarrie and Simon's Physical Chemistry. 

About me

I recently graduated UC Berkeley with a Master in Theoretical Chemistry. My expertise is teaching physical chemistry which I have done at the undergraduate and graduate level. My research was in electronic structure theory, in which we use mathematical and computational tools and approximations to solve the Schrodinger Equation for molecules. 

I grew up in Ohio and studied at the University of Pittsburgh where I obtained a BS in Chemistry and Math with a Physics minor.

I spend my free time reading and playing music.

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Brooklyn, New York


Primary Subjects:

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • Physics


  • BSc (2013) Chemistry and Mathematics, Minor in Physics, University of Pittsburgh

  • Masters of Theoretical Chemistry (2017), University of California, Berkeley

  • Taught the following classes at UC Berkeley:

    • Intro Chemistry (CHEM 1A)

    • Quantum Mechanics (CHEM 120A)

    • Statistical Mechanics (CHEM 120B)

    • Grad Stat Mech (CHEM 220B)