Leo Zhang

Director of Studies


I focus on teaching computer science and software engineering. If you're not sure of what the difference is, I'd recommend starting with computer science fundamentals. SICP and CS 61A are classics.

If you already have your fundamentals down and would like to learn more about engineering, I would recommend the Mythical Man-Month and Site Reliability Engineering. Books are no substitute for practice, but these are both gentle introductions to the core ideas of engineering: that your job mostly involves empathy and humans, and that humans are notoriously buggy.

About Me

I graduated in 2016 with high honours in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. During college, I worked as a generalist and software engineer in VC and at various startups before founding my own. Afterwards, I spent a little over a year working at Google (in GPI & Ads) and X (in Project Wing), before leaving to pursue my startup interests. I'm currently a software engineer at FOSSA.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing Super Smash Bros, programming language theory, and breathing.



Berkeley, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Software engineering

  • Computer science

Personal Website: