Moor Xu

Director of Studies

Moor Xu is a sixth year PhD student at UC Berkeley, working toward a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Previously, he received his B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University. Moor is especially interested in combinatorics with a computer science flavor.

Moor is also passionate about merging education and technology, and connecting people with opportunities from around the world. Moor works on entrepreneurship programs through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He is also the founder and director of the ASDAN Math Tournament, connecting Chinese students to American math opportunities, as well as the founder of the Atomic Grader, making grading easier and faster for teachers online.  Moor also develops curriculum for Expii to make education more accessible to students from around the world.



Berkeley, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Mathematics

  • Entrepreneurship


  • English

  • Mandarin


  • B.S. in Mathematics (2013), Stanford University