Join a community of students

You can learn anything from books borrowed from your local library and free or low-cost online resources. However nobody wants to study alone. At EDeeU Education we prioritize helping you build a community of fellow students so that you can learn together.

A PERSONAL director of studies to keep you on track

At EDeeU Education you'll work with a Director of Studies who understands where you're at and knows what you don't know. That way we keep you on track and moving in the right direction.

Our Directors of Studies come from both academia and industry and have backgrounds in all subjects and disciplines. We only accept teachers who have a proven record of changing students' lives for the better. If you would like to become a Director of Studies for EDeeU Education, please contact us

See for an example of what a director of studies can do. 

No grades – Just your work

At EDeeU Education, we understand that there is no better way to understand what someone is capable of than by seeing their work directly. For that reason we assign no grades and instead help you build the best possible portfolio of work to show directly to the world.

This process not only reduces stress and anxiety due to being over-tested and over-graded, but it also gives you the space to think deeply about what you are learning and explore questions that don't have quick or simple answers. 

Custom technologY

To support our portfolio-based approach, we built, a portfolio-based transcript for you to showcase your work.

For an example of what kind of portfolio you can build with EDeeU Education, see Your EDeeU portfolio is always free and always under your 100% control.


As well as helping you select which books to read and which courses to take, your Director of Studies will review all the work you do and give you feedback. This will not only accelerate your learning, but will also help you build the best possible portfolio.

legitimacy from top brands

Many of the big brand name universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford now put a wide range of their lecture courses and materials online. By helping you combine these free resources with community, mentorship and your own portfolio-based transcript, we enable you to take advantage of the legitimacy offered by those top brands at small a fraction of the cost.

Live wherever you want to live

For many students, the cost of going to university is not just tuition, but also the cost of living in places like Boston or Palo Alto. At EDeeU Education we help you keep your costs low by allowing you to live wherever you want to live. 

Start and stop whenEVER you want

Traditional universities are designed to be attended for four years straight. However for many students, that is not ideal and sometimes very challenging because of personal circumstances. At EDeeU Education we recognize that you might want to take a break sometimes. We especially encourage taking time away from EDeeU Education to pursue a focused educational experience like a coding bootcamp or language school.

One tenth the cost of traditional university

Traditional university tuition fees are increasing at an unsustainable rate. This is placing a terrible burden on both students and their families. Moreover, when tuition fees are paid with student loans, that burden is exacerbated by interest and can last many years into the future. 

At EDeeU Education our goal is to provide world class education for at a price that is comfortably affordable for everyone. For now, we are targeting education at one tenth the cost of traditional universities. We are using UC Berkeley as a benchmark for traditional university tuition and fees. Their tuition and fees for out-of-state students not receiving financial aid for the 2017-2018 nine-month academic year is $40,167. 

At EDeeU Education we aim to provide a superior quality education for one tenth the cost, just $330 per month. 


We operate a rolling admission policy, with new students starting immediately on admission.

Decisions about admission are at the discretion of your proposed direct of studies, who will review your application and interview you before reaching a decision. 

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