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My goal is to help students learn practical software engineering, with a focus on web development. I can guide you in learning the fundamentals of frontend and backend web development, and then help you come up with interesting projects to develop your skills further and add to your portfolio. I will review your code and give feedback on both your technical level and clean coding practices.

About Me

I love to learn, teach, create, and repeat. After earning my BS and MS in Computer Science from USC, I went on to jobs in the tech industry. My first role was at Google, where I taught developers how to use the Google Maps API. I then went to Coursera, where I wrote much of the original student-facing website code. I missed teaching, so I joined Khan Academy after that and created all of their online Computer Programming courses. I was most recently CTO at Woebot, where I rewrote the chatbot code from scratch and helped build the engineering team.

I'm very well versed in web development, both from my teaching experience and career in the tech industry, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with students that want their own career in the tech industry... or just to turn ideas in your head into reality! :)

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Berkeley, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development

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