Peter Isackson's Classroom

Director of Studies


Intercultural understanding and communication skills, which include creative adaptation to complex environments in both professional and personal contexts. This begins with the writings of Edward T. Hall, who created the framework of the field and never tired of connecting culture with other disciplines: psychology, anthropology, the arts and semiotics.

Creativity and socially productive innovation is another area where I intervene, along with the challenges of entrepreneurship. Here the key is changing perspective, integrating the lessons of holistic perception and lateral thinking. I recommend building from David Bohm's, and David Peat's "Science, Order, and Creativity".

About Me

Having grown up in California, I got my undergraduate degree at UCLA and went on to Oxford for my post-graduate studies in English literature before settling in France. My career has taken me into various fields where creativity is a key factor: music, politics, innovative education, technology, journalism and politics. A creator of holistic methodological approaches to learning, I have developed a reputation as a pioneer in both theoretical and practical applications of educational tools (teaching methodology and technology itself).

I have worked in and around the world of education, journalism and the arts for forty years. As a coach, trainer and author, I have helped individuals, groups and enterprises transform their cultural outlooks and understanding, both in their way of doing business and their social identity. My experience of publishing as author, producer, publisher and entrepreneur of multimedia, e-learning content and tools sets me at the forefront of innovation in learning, as applied to training and education. I have also collaborated with creative educational teams and personally pioneered methods for traditional face-to-face as well as technology-based learning.

I currently write a daily column for a prestigious, innovative online journal, Fair Observer, analyzing the political and cultural news from oblique angles, with an appropriate dose of ironic perspective. If there is one thing that unifies everything I do -- in business, journalism and education -- it's developing and deepening perspective. I'm also a jazz musician, having played professionally before committing to the fields of learning and publishing. No better way to understand both intercultural reality and collective creativity.



St Hilaire de Villefranche, France


Primary Subjects:

  • Arts and Literature

  • Intercultural skills

  • Innovation

  • Instructional design

  • Politics


  • English

  • French


  • B.Phil. in English Literature, University of Oxford.