Ranjeet Tate's Classroom

Senior Director of Studies


Do you ever wonder how the distances to the stars are measured? Did you know that Helium was first discovered in the Sun? Do you want to understand the experiments that led to our understanding of modern Physics?

My goal is to guide students to an understanding of questions like these. I will guide you in learning the Physics and associated Mathematics. I will review your work and give feedback on both your conceptual understanding and technical problem solving.

About me

My doctoral dissertation was on mathematical aspects of Quantum Gravity, with post-doctoral work on time in Quantum Mechanics and singularities in Quantum Cosmology. I've also done experimental work on polymer films and worked as a Data Scientist, which turns out to be related to ideas in Physics. I have two daughters and enjoy climbing, cross-country skiing and art.



Cupertino/Berkeley, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Physics

  • Applied mathematics


  • English

  • Spanish


  • B.Tech Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1985

  • Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, Syracuse University, 1992

  • 10+ peer reviewed publications in Physics