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I mainly focus on teaching software engineering and computer hardware engineering, although I am also fairly proficient with CAD and rapid prototyping technology. I believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and my teaching style reflects that: I make sure my students are familiar with fundamental concepts, and build on them with long-term project work.

On the software engineering end, I'm proficient in Java, Python, and JavaScript. I can get by in C++, HTML, and CSS.

On the hardware side, my PCB design tool of choice is Upverter. I have worked with several popular microprocessor platforms, including many chips from Atmel and the SiLabs C8051.

About Me

Hey! I'm Rish.

I've been developing software for half a decade now. In that time, I've written several custom enterprise applications, the majority of which are still in active use. More recently, I have completed a semester's worth of research at RPI's center for Lighting-Enabled Systems, where I worked on aggregating and processing data from IoT devices.

I've been working with hardware for about two years. In that time, I've mainly worked on personal projects. Last year, I worked as part of a small team with a professor of mine to deliver a drone-mounted air quality sensing and sampling device. A key feature of this device was the ability to visualize particulate counts in three dimensions by using a GPS and an altimeter to tag data points. My main contributions to the project were the firmware, the sensor array, and the PCB design.

I am currently spending my time teaching and developing educational software that makes working with Arduino boards more accessible to beginners. I'm also working on more side projects than I can count, and drinking an unhealthy amount of caffeine on a daily basis.

In my free time, I like tinkering with my side projects, driving to remote places to stargaze, and listening to music.

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Boston, Massachusetts 


Primary Subjects:

  • Software Development
  • Computer Hardware Design
  • CAD/Rapid Prototyping