Sponsor a student. Change a life for the better.


More than money.

Everyone needs someone in their lives who cares how they're doing. When you sponsor a student to study with EDeeU Education, you provide far more than money. You send a message to a student that their life matters. You let them know that someone has their back. 

Be part of the selection process.

We know you don't want to see your investment wasted. That's why we make you part of the selection and interview process. When you offer to sponsor someone on EDeeU Education, will arrange a time for you to interview both the student and their proposed director of studies ahead of time, and make sure there's a good fit between you and the student you sponsor. 

We cover academics, you share your values. 

At EDeeU Education, we believe that academic training is only part of what you need to be successful in life. When you sponsor a student on EDeeU, through your relationship with your protégé you impart values that go far beyond academics. 

Take pride in their success. 

When you sponsor a student through EDeeU Education, both the student and their director of studies will make sure you stay updated, via their portfolio, on how they're doing. 

This will be not just a way of us staying accountable to you, but more directly than any other form of educational sponsorship, it allows you to take well earned pride in the academic work done by your protégé. 

To sponsor a student through EDeeU Education, start by filling out the form below, and we will reach out to you very soon. 

Thank you. 

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