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I focus on helping students studying mathematics, education, software engineering and entrepreneurship. 

If you're a student of mathematics, wondering about a good place to start, I recommend the excellent short course Introduction to University Mathematics by Alan Lauder, and completing the two problem sets carefully. Try to understand every single sentence. 

If you're a student of education, I recommend two books as a good starting point. The first is Visible Learning by John Hattie. It's by far the best resource for getting up to speed on the quantitative research base. The second book I recommend is The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm. While not strictly about teaching, that book brings into focus the fact that there is a lot about human interaction that isn't easily captured through statistics, or even language. 

If you're a student of software engineering, and not a complete beginner, I recommend all the courses by Wes Bos, and in fact many software engineers at EDeeU learned with Wes Bos. At EDeeU Education we provide free access to all Wes Bos's courses for subscribing students. 

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, or think you might become one in the future, I recommend reading a lot of biographies of people who've done amazing things, and seeing if you can find lessons in there that apply to you. Most of the successful entrepreneurs I know are voracious readers.

About Me

I spent most of my career as an academic mathematician, although in my heart I think of myself as a teacher. Now I'm the Founder and CEO of EDeeU, but I still think of myself more as a teacher than an entrepreneur. 

I was born in the UK, and have also lived in Vietnam and Australia. Now I live in Berkeley, California, a place that somehow feels like home. 

I like reading, playing the piano, and messing about in boats.  

Office hours

I hold office hours daily from 8am to 9am in the Berkeley area for my subscribing students. I'm also available by phone. I do generally pick up, and will return your call if I can't.

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Berkeley, California


Primary Subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • English Literature
  • History


  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (conversational)

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  • B.A. Computer Science, B.A. Economics, Minor Anthropology. UC Berkeley. (2017)