Course Description




Modern languages is the study and practice of a chosen contemporary language. Students will learn to read, write, and speak Arabic, Hebraic, Punjabi, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, Modern Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English, or others.

Core Curriculum

The core topics introduce the field of modern languages and give students the skills and understanding to choose and pursue their interests in the specialized topics. On completing the core, students will be able to independently read both historical and contemporary fiction, non-fiction, and academic literature in their chosen language. The core topics are:

  • Linguistics
  • Practical Language Work
  • Literary Works
  • Historical Context
  • Contemporary Context
  • Linguistic History
  • Philosophy

All topics are indexed to the chosen language and the societies in which the language is in use.


Specializations should be discussed with the Director of Studies. On completing specializations, students will be able to independently read advanced literature and conduct a final project in that topic. Some suggested specializations are:

  • Study of an Individual Author
  • Study of a Literary Epoch
  • Study of a Literary Genre or Style

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