Dr. Tyler Neylon

Senior Director of Studies

Dr. Tyler Neylon received his PhD in machine learning at NYU in 2006 under the direction of Professor Mehryar Mohri and Professor Dennis Shasha. From there, he joined Google where his team built Google’s internal sentiment analysis engine, which is software to discern human emotion based on natural language text.

During this time Dr. Neylon also became proficient iOS and game development, eventually joining Medium to help build their initial internal data pipeline. At OpenAI, he built software to help teach a robots how to interact with the world via physical simulations, and at Primer AI he focuses on natural language processing techniques. Most recently Dr. Neylon founded Unbox Research, the vision of which is to support the blue-sky research of machine learning engineers, supported by profitable engineering work.

As a Senior Director of Studies with EDeeU Education, Dr. Neylon supports students interested in all aspect of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.



Berkeley, California



Berkeley, California

Primary Subjects:

  • Machine Learning

  • Mathematics

  • Computer Science

Personal Website:



  • PhD in machine learning from NYU, 2006

  • Machine learning work at Google, Medium, Open AI, Primer AI

  • Papers and patents available on scholar.google.com