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My work is focused on machine learning. I also happen to have a strong background in some areas of mathematics and software engineering. I love teaching and being helpful to motivated learners in these areas.

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I received my PhD in machine learning at NYU in 2006 under the direction of professors Mehryar Mohri and Dennis Shasha. From there, I joined Google where my team and I built Google’s internal sentiment analysis engine, which is software to discern human emotion based on natural language text. I spent some time learning about iOS and game development, eventually joining Medium to help build their initial internal data pipeline. At OpenAI, I built software to help teach a robot how to interact with the world via physical simulations, and at Primer AI I focused on natural language processing techniques. Most recently I founded Unbox Research; our vision is to support the blue-sky research of machine learning engineers, supported by profitable engineering work.

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Berkeley, California



Berkeley, California

Primary Subjects:

  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

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  • PhD in machine learning from NYU, 2006
  • Machine learning work at Google, Medium, Open AI, Primer AI
  • Papers and patents available on scholar.google.com